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Create a learning team

Haitian Electromechanical Technology, as a leading high-tech enterprise for the R & D and manufacturing of prefabricated building intelligent equipment, has been unswervingly "technical marketing" under the leadership of Chairman Yu Haibin since its establishment 23 years ago. Haitian's performance in 2019 has been advancing by leaps and bounds, in order to promote products to better serve our customers, and to continuously improve quality and service. The chairman of the board of directors proposed in many meetings that "passion, thinking, learning, dedication, and responsibility are one of the core concepts of the company. The" Haitian Lecture Hall "was organized to create a learning team, create a learning atmosphere for all employees, and advocate more than one specialist."

On the evening of December 12, the opening ceremony of the "Haitian Auditorium" was held in the Haitian Mechanical and Electrical Technology Headquarters Building, and it was also the first training course. This training process is well-organized, and Mr. Yu led the company's middle and senior management and key technical backbones to attend the opening ceremony and took the lead in participating in the learning discussions.

The chief engineer of the PC production line, Wang Shibo, lectured on "PC component production line equipment", which is mainly aimed at the current development status of PC component equipment, future technology trends and how to develop more efficient and reliable products. At the same time, an important explanation of the precautions of manufacturing was given. It also answers the questions raised by the students on site, and guides the students' professional knowledge in depth.

The better and faster development of enterprises is inseparable from the scientific and reasonable system training support system. The opening ceremony also selected and appointed six management elites and technical backbones as professional internal trainers to systematically build the technical system and marketing system of the Haitian learning team. Starting from December, Haitian Electromechanical Technology arranges one or two lessons per week, which are taught by company leaders, professionals, and external teachers. The courses are roughly divided into: quality knowledge, product knowledge, management courses, safety training, professional skills training, etc. Among them, professional skills training will take many forms, such as lectures, practical training, and teacher-led apprenticeships.

Solid product technology, master more initiative in future sales actual combat, let customers buy with confidence, with peace of mind, this is the belief that Haitian people have always adhered to. Lay a solid foundation for better customer service in 2020.

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