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How to embed an information chip when making PC components

The prefabricated component manufacturing enterprise shall establish a component production management information system for recording key information of component production to trace and manage the production quality and progress of components.

In some local policies, it is mandatory to embed information chips in prefabricated components. In some places, there is no requirement.

(1) The chip specification chip is an ultra-high frequency chip, and the external size is about 3mm x 20mm x 80mm.

(2) Embedding of the chip

After the chip records various information, it is advisable to bury the chip shallowly on the molding surface of the component, and it is advisable to establish a uniform rule for the buried position, which is convenient for later recognition and reading. The method of burying is as follows:

1) When the vertical member collects the water, the chip is embedded in the center of the casting surface of the component 60~80cm from the floor, and the window member is embedded at the center of the window 20-40cm below the hole. Paste the printed information sheet at the mark before demolding, so that it is easy to find the position where the chip is buried.

2) The horizontal member is generally placed at the center of the bottom of the member, and the chip is pasted and fixed on the platform, and is integrally poured with the concrete.

3) The buried depth of the chip should be close to the concrete surface, and the buried depth should not exceed 2cm, which is subject to the actual measurement provided by the chip supplier.


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