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Haitian Mechanical and Electrical Builds Prefabricated Building "PC + Prefabricated Plant Super Factory" Launch Conference Held in Beijing.

On November 7, the 18th China International Housing Industry & Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Expo (abbreviation: China Living Expo) was held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. The China Living Expo is an international and domestic influential construction professional exhibition approved by the State Council, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, and supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

With this high-level exhibition, Haitian Electromechanical's "PC + prefabricated building component super factory"  conference was held during the exhibition.

In recent years, as an assembly machinery high-tech enterprise, Haitian Mechanical and Electrical is also the only high-tech enterprise in the construction equipment industry undertaking the subject of the "13th Five-Year Plan" national key research and development plan. He also participated in the formulation of 9 national standards for prefabricated buildings and obtained more than 50 national patented technologies.

The Haitian Electromechanical Exhibition Hall is full of friends, and the President of China Academy of Building Sciences, Building Mechanization Research Institute Liu Zijin, Chairman of Haitian Electromechanical, Yu Haibin, General Manager of Haitian Electromechanical, Cui Huabo, General Manager of Haitian Electromechanical Domestic Marketing Center, Wang Liting, General Manager of Haitian Electromechanical Technology Center, and Zhang Lifeng, General Manager of Haitian Electromechanical Technology Center Mr. Yi Xianguo, the director of the PC project department, Mr. Christian, the chief expert of Haitian Electromechanical, together with the core customer representatives and media friends from across the country, gathered together to witness the unique charm of Haitian Electromechanical technology innovation.

Haitian's breakthrough in electromechanical technology did not come easily overnight. Since 2009, an Italian team of experts with decades of PC equipment research and development experience has been hired to form an international research and development center, and a prefabricated concrete equipment research institute has been established in Italy to ensure that Haitian equipment and advanced European equipment The technology is synchronized, and a strategic cooperation relationship is established with the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University. With more than 20 years of R & D and design experience on the prestressed production line, Mr. Christian, the chief expert of Haitian Italy, shared the latest international technology and applied it to Haitian's actual success cases.

Focusing on the development of prefabricated buildings, highlighting the international, scientific, and forward-looking nature, Haitian Machinery looks forward to working hard and sharing the results at this exhibition, working together with national design institutes, developers, PC component factories, and construction parties And other industry partners, continue to promote the application of our country's green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction of prefabricated buildings! Strive to make its due contribution to the country and society.

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