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  • How to embed an information chip when making PC components

    The prefabricated component manufacturing enterprise shall establish a component production management information system for recording key information of component production to trace and manage the production quality and progress of components. In some local policies, it is mandatory to embed information chips in prefabricated components. In some places, there is no requirement.
  • What are the characteristics and points of the production of the fixed mold table for making pc components?

    The fixed mold table manufacturing operation has the main features of wide application range and strong versatility, and can produce various standardized components, non-standardized components and special-shaped components. There are more than 50 kinds of components such as columns, beams, laminated beams, post-tensioned prestressed beams, laminated slabs, shear wall panels, external wall panels, stairs, balcony panels, bay windows, air conditioning panels and curved surface components.
  • Prefabricated concrete PC factory prefabricated component production line

    A major feature of prefabricated concrete buildings is factory production, which is prefabricated. Factory production is a production method that is not equivalent to production in the factory. Precast concrete components are mostly produced in component factories and can also be produced on site, the latter being generally referred to as nomadic production. The prefabricated components produced by the PC plant mainly include assembly line production, long-line method pedestal production, and fixed die table production.
  • Intensive three-dimensional operation of PC component production line process characteristics

    Combined with the production characteristics of the domestic prefabricated parts industry, this resource-saving three-dimensional PC prefabricated parts production line has been developed, and it has many patented technologies for knowledge products. A few days ago, the Mana installation team sent a message from the frontline of one of our customers: the mold table, maintenance kiln, pusher, homing machine, transfer machine and other equipment have been installed.
  • Six major design points of prefabricated building PC component mold

    The panel should be a single piece of steel plate depending on the height of the floor and the length of the component. It is not advisable to arrange more than 3 members on each large bottom mold, and the length of the bottom mold is selected according to this, and the width is determined by the height of the building layer. For the requirements of the board surface is not strict, the form of splicing steel plate can be used, but it is necessary to pay attention to the processing method of the seam. The large-bottom die support structure may be made of I-beam or channel steel.
  • Connection method of fabricated concrete building PC components: grouting sleeve, mortar anchor, bolt, etc.

    Connection method of fabricated concrete building PC components For the fabricated structure, the "reliable connection method" is the first important and the most basic guarantee for structural safety. Prefabricated concrete structure connections include: The steel sleeve grouting connection is divided into two types: full grouting sleeve and semi-grouting sleeve. Slurry anchor connection Post-concrete concrete connection Bolted Welded connection
  • Prefabricated concrete building prefabricated building - laminated wall panel

    With the continuous development of industrialization of buildings, traditional extensive construction methods have been unable to meet the needs of residential construction at this stage because of their low labor productivity, high energy consumption, and serious environmental pollution. Therefore, we need to change the way traditional residential buildings are built. The prefabricated concrete structure is one of the main structural forms promoted during the industrialization development of the building, and the laminated slab is an important part of the prefabricated concrete structure, in which the slab system occupies a large proportion in the whole structure and the traditional construction The process is relatively complicated, which restricts the construction progress of the entire project to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to study in depth the new type of superposed slab with high bearing capacity, good seismic performance, fast construction speed and environmental protection, which plays an important role in promoting the development of industrialization of buildings.
  • Prefabricated building PC component

    Precast concrete components (referred to as PC) are the basis for prefabrication of the main structure. Prefabricated component production equipment (PC production line) directly determines the cost and quality of precast concrete components. As a new industry PC production line ushers in great development, it also faces more The problem is solved, the PC production line will be developed into a nomadic or mobile PC production line, equipment is miniaturized, and equipment is adapted to diversification, so that the cost table of precast concrete components can be continuously reduced, in order to attract more building materials companies to invest in prefabrication. Concrete component factory to achieve sustainable development of the industry.
  • From development to application, the predecessor and life of PC prefabricated components

    Concrete prefabricated parts are called PC components in the field of residential industrialization. Concrete prefabricated parts are widely used in construction, transportation, water conservancy and other fields, such as prefabricated reinforced concrete column foundation foundation, prefabricated steel structure steel column foundation, street lamp billboard column reinforced concrete foundation, prefabricated floor slab. Different from traditional concrete, it is necessary to mold, pour and maintain on site. The PC components produced by standardization and mechanization in the factory are more efficient and energy-saving, and at the same time reduce production costs.
  • Six questions about prefabricated buildings, PC prefabricated components are the key

    The prefabricated building will prefabricate some or all of the components in the factory and then transport them to the construction site for assembly, using standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, information management, and intelligent application. We can imagine the pre-made components such as beams, plates, columns and walls as a piece of Lego bricks. After the prefabricated components are transported to the construction site, the reinforced concrete will be lapped and poured.
  • Construction waste "rebirth" - Haitian fully automatic extruded wallboard production line

    This kind of lightweight wallboard is processed and produced by recycled aggregate. It has the characteristics of strong pressure resistance, high wall flatness, good sound insulation performance and fast construction speed. In recent years, with the active development of the construction waste recycling industry, the construction waste that used to be a headache has turned waste into treasure, and has been recycled to produce green and environmentally friendly products such as new lightweight partition boards.
  • PC component factory construction

    Investing in a standard factory of about 150 mu of land, counting land, equipment, office and supporting facilities in China needs 150-250 million (domestic equipment), if the land price is high, the cost may increase; People, technology, market and many other aspects, therefore, whether to invest in building a PC factory, companies are still very cautious. As far as the current situation in China is concerned, it is very important that some special-grade enterprises have the entire industrial chain capability from design to manufacturing to construction. Simple prefabricated component factories, without government projects or their own construction business, relying on orders to operate a single enterprise, not only now, at least two to three years of survival will be more difficult.
  • Assembled laminated board

    The construction of the foundation floor is consistent with the traditional construction method, but the requirements for the size and position of the vertical wall of the reserved wall are strict.After the foundation floor is completed, the vertical reinforcement of the wall reserved for the foundation shall be inspected and adjusted before the wall panel is hoisted.Before the wall panel is hoisted, the base surface of the bottom plate is measured, and a horizontal elevation control block is placed at the bottom of each wall panel.The laminated wall panels shall be hoisted as required, and each wall panel shall be fixed and adjusted with two diagonal supports.
  • Urban comprehensive pipe gallery four comprehensive frontier technology /complete prefabrication and assembly technology detailed and process comparison

    1. The upper and lower parts are the earliest; 2. The prefabrication of the section is mainly; 3. Future combination prefabrication; 4. Advocate node prefabrication; 5, the biggest problem of waterproofing; 6. Cost control development.
  • Analysis of the types and construction techniques of lightweight partition panels

  • Self-factors affecting the sound insulation effect of lightweight wall panels

  • Key points of planning and design of PC factory site

    The PC structure is the most important implementation method for realizing residential industrialization. It is a revolutionary construction method to change the traditional concrete structure construction. It is the main difference between the assembly of the precast concrete structure and the cast-in-place concrete structure. Housing industrialization refers to the construction of houses by means of industrial production, just like assembling a car to build a house.
  • Six major design points of prefabricated building PC component mold

  • Development direction of prefabricated component production equipment (PC production line)

    It takes only 19 days to build a 57-story high-rise building,build one wall panel in 15 minutes, build a first floor in 5 days. The floor and walls of the house are mass-produced at the factory and then shipped directly to the site for assembly. The construction method of building a house to build a house is quietly emerging. It can be so fast to build a house.
  • How is the PC component production line laid out? Haitian brings you a comprehensive interpretation of 6 typical layouts

    Due to land, investment, production component demand and base construction cycle, etc., everyone will have different choices for the type and layout of PC production lines. Here, Xiaobian specially organizes the typical layout of the six PC production lines.
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