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  • Haitian PC component production line equipment

    PC equipment mainly includes PC assembly line, concrete mixing station, special transportation equipment, etc., where PC production line is its core component. The PC production line processes the raw materials such as steel, concrete and sandstone into high-quality, high-environmental concrete prefabricated parts, which is the core of the production of concrete prefabricated parts. In the PC production line, each station has a follow-up and linkage function, which can realize simultaneous operation of multiple die tables, realize the factory production of building components, and greatly improve production efficiency.
  • Dezhou Donghai Group's stainless iron mold platform

    Dezhou Haitian Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., a complete solution provider of fabricated construction equipment, can provide customers with high-quality PC production lines, various PC molds, fully automatic lightweight wallboard production lines, and solve all your needs in one stop.
  • Haitian Manufacturing │ Haitian long-line production line, low investment, high production capacity!

    The Haitian long-line PC line, combined with advanced production technology at home and abroad, has developed a prestressed long-line superimposed plate production line through years of technical research. The production line is mature in technology, reasonable in design, high in automation, advanced in technology and easy to operate.
  • Haitian Manufacturing│Rizhao Automatic Extrusion Wallboard Production Line Acceptance

    Under the efforts of all Haitian employees, Haitian Electromechanical Co., Ltd. designed a customized fully automatic extruded wallboard production line for Rizhao customers has entered the final stage of acceptance. The production line equipment has high technology content, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, automatic continuous production, and applies a large number of international and domestic advanced technologies. The production speed and the compactness of the products can be adjusted and controlled to ensure the quality of the wallboard.
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