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    HBM large-scale battery mold wallboard production line

    Based on the domestic PC component production status and the most advanced vertical molding production technology in foreign countries, Haitian actively participates in the research and development of key technologies and equipment for the industrial production of prefabricated concrete components. Developed a large vertical die machine that produces components in a high-performance vertical process. The equipment has the advantages of small footprint, three-sided ribs, five-sided formwork, reasonable design, high degree of mechanization, mature technology, simple operation and advanced technology.

Advantages and technical features:

Advantages of vertical mold: 

1), compact structure, high space utilization; 

2), double-sided formwork forming member, good forming quality of components; 

3), vertical production components, no turning process, saving time and reducing investment cost; 

4), the rib members and the rib members can be produced. When the rib members are not produced, the members of different sizes do not need to be replaced. When the rib members are produced, the members of different sizes only need to replace the left and right side molds, greatly reducing Late mold input; 

5), small deformation of the template during use, long service life; 

6), concentrated cloth, no flow process, greatly improve production efficiency; 

7), simple operation, only one person for the operator, with the crane 1 There are 2 people in the installation of steel and steel parts, and 1 person in the distribution machine. Only 5 people are required to complete the whole process.

In order to ensure that the board surface is flat and not deformed, a high-precision molding platform is used as a reference, and a special welding process is used for welding, and a shot blasting technique is used to remove the welding stress. The template has a high flatness with a deviation of no more than 1.5mm per 3 meters. Effectively guarantee the dimensions of the components produced.

The contact surface between the mold table and the component adopts the self-developed polishing device with a smoothness of 3.2 microns, ensuring that the surface of each component is fine and compact, and can be used for the pre-formed fair-faced concrete of both sides.

European standard design and production, Italy imported high-frequency vibrator, the speed per minute reaches 11000 rpm, and the single excitation force reaches 60,000N. Ultra-high frequency vibration and high excitation force ensure uniform vibration and dense material.

The professional and humanized hydraulic system has multiple measures such as anti-overload protection, hydraulic cylinder stroke synchronization, hydraulic cylinder speed adjustment, and power-off and pressure maintenance. It is simple, stable, safe and efficient when it is guaranteed to open and close the mold, lock and position. The precision hydraulic mechanism used to fasten the individual stencils and its own stable structure ensure that it carries a horizontal static pressure when pouring concrete.

The steaming system is fully automatic. High-efficiency heat-dissipating tubes of aluminum alloy fins are laid in each template, with a total length of more than 400 meters. Each cavity is equipped with a high-efficiency temperature detecting probe, and the logic programming controller automatically controls the opening and closing of the solenoid valve to adjust the temperature, and the programmable touch control screen window type operation interface. Automatic, efficient and precise control of the maintenance process.

Italian professional technical team develops design, European production quality standards, high starting point and high standards.

The machine is accurate in size, mechanized, high in automation, reasonable in structure and easy to operate. Save manpower and material resources, reduce production costs, and improve the quality of output components.

Production system introduction

1) Equipment composition

 -Vibration system

-Maintenance system

-Hydraulic system 

-Operation platform

-Basic base

-Sliding end mode

-Forming template

-Intermediate fixed template

Vibration system

The original imported pneumatic vibrator is small in size and powerful in excitation.

By properly arranging the position of the vibrator and selecting the appropriate control method, the fine bubble vibration generated during the production process of the component can be better discharged, effectively preventing the density unevenness and uneven pits on the surface due to the unsatisfactory vibration effect inside the component. Appears to ensure that the strength and surface quality of the components meet the technical requirements.

Maintenance system

Includes efficient heat sink and temperature control system. The high-efficiency heat dissipating device is distributed inside the template, and the member is heated by high-temperature steam or high-temperature hot water, so that the member can quickly reach the required lifting strength, greatly shorten the production time and improve the production efficiency.

The automatic temperature control can effectively solve the problems of excessive temperature, too fast heating, and too fast cooling to ensure the forming quality of the components.

Molding and hydraulic system

The forming system includes a basic chassis, an intermediate fixing template, a forming template, a sliding end mold, a cavity adjusting mechanism, etc., and the hydraulic system can realize the production of components of different lengths, different heights, different thicknesses, different shapes, and different ribs. The forming position of the component is high in precision.

2) System technical parameters



Main index











panel material


Panel thickness


Mold cavity


cavity effective size


Maintenance system

radiating device

DN32 aluminum alloy fin high efficiency radiating pipe

Radiating pipe length


Temperature control method

High precision temperature detection probe + automatic temperature regulation system

Temperature control accuracy


Vibration system


Imported from Italy


There are 4 UHF pneumatic vibrators on each side mold , totaling 72 units.



Exciting force


Hydraulic system

Protective function

Synchronization of travel, anti-overload, power-off and pressure keeping.

Rated pressure


Mold positioning

64cylinders with diameter 63mm,Pressure maintaining hydraulic cylinder withstroke 300mm 

Opening and closing mode

4cylinders with diameter 125mm,Synchronous hydraulic cylinder with stroke 1000mm 

Cavity locked

6cylinders with diameter 140mm,Pressure maintaining hydraulic cylinder with stroke 350mm 

Technical advantages

High production capacity: Nissan can reach up to 10/person and the return on investment is fast.

Good molding: both sides of the component are template faces, and the forming quality of the components is high;

Movable: easy to disassemble and install, can be nomadic production, (used on the construction site), greatly reducing the transportation cost of components;

Five savings

Provincial cost: low installed power (11KW), low power consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Provincial mold: the cavity is an adjustable cavity, which can produce different sizes of components;

Provincial manpower: The entire production process requires only 5 people (excluding steel processing and lashing), and the operation is simple;

Time saving: centralized operation, integrating vibration and maintenance, no transfer process, no turning process;

Space saving: vertical production of components, small footprint (about 163㎡), high space utilization rate.



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