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    HCXT prestressed long-line platform production line (laminated panels, interior and exterior wall panels, etc.)

    Our company combines the most advanced production technology at home and abroad, through many years of technical research and development, developed a long-term pre-stressed platform production line, which has mature technology, reasonable design, high degree of automation, advanced technology, simple operation. higher production efficiency;(pass PC production line 150%) the workshop covers a smaller area; lower labour quantity;(9-10 workers) high utilization rate of table; (utilization rate is above 90%) significant reduction in investment costs;(is about PC production line 70%-80%) operation is more easier and safer ; Component qualification rate is higher; The cost of component production is lower.

Material:C30 concrete(Stone, sand, cement, etc.)

Product Category:Prestressed laminated slab and reinforced concrete laminatedslab

National standards:《06SG439-1 Prestressed concrete composite slab》、 《15G366-1  reinforced concrete composite slab(60mm thickness bottom slab) 》

Use:Composite slab is a better structural form which combines precast and cast-in-place concrete. The prefabricated prestressed slab (5-8 cm thickness) and the upper cast-in-situ concrete layer are combined to form a whole and work together. The main prestressing steel of composite slabs are the main steel of composite slabs, and the cast-in-situ concrete floors are only equipped with bending steel and structural steel. The cast-in-situ concrete layer adopts prestressed composite slabs , so need not formwork supporting. The bottom of the slabs is smooth, and the roof  no longer be plastered after the finishing cracks. The composite floor has the advantages of high stiffness, good crack resistance, lower steel consumption, saving formwork and integrality performance. Because there is no need for formwork support, and could hoiste large prefabricated concrete slabs at the same time during the structure construction stage, so that the decoration project can be inserted in advance and short the construction period of the whole project.

The floor span is less than 8 meters. It can be widely used in hotels, office buildings, schools, residential buildings, hospitals, warehouses, parking lots, multi-storey industrial buildings and other housing construction projects.

Compared with non-prestressed composite slabs, non-prestressed composite slabs can save steels and reduce costs under the same load intensity, and can effectively increase the span of composite slabs under the same amount of steel.



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