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    HLLJ automatic EPS production line

    This production line feeding system measurement accuracy, high degree of automation, stable performance;mixing system mixing evenly, compact structure, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, easy to operate; the use of automatic mold split machine work efficiency,reduce the production process of sheet metal damage; pouring mold precision accuracy, tightness, easy installation, the resulting sheet shape stable, no deformation, no cracking,mold traction, ferry system safe and reliable, simple operation, save space, the core technology in the domestic second to none.The production line can produce EPS composite lightweight wall panels and solid core board (no silicate cover) Main raw materials: silicate cover, cement, fly ash, EPS particles or ceramsite, perlite and other light aggregate, additives, water. Plate specifications: height 2440-3000mm, thickness 60/75/90/100/120/150/180/200, width 610mm. Uses: inside the wall, the external walls, kitchen and toilet wall, pipe wells, fire wells, fire staircase partitions, floor boards, roof panels, integrated board room, high-grade villas, assembly- style supporting wall panels. Specification: GB / T23451-2009 JG / T169-2005 Installation Atlas: 10J113-1 With high quality, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, noise, water, fire, hanging strong, rapid construction, reduce the cost of the wall and so on.

Fully automatic EPS composite lightweight wallboard production line with a high degree of automation, high tech content,high production efficiency, high reliability and low price of equipment, low end product cost, to adapt to China's national conditions, the production of wall panels to meet the needs of the market characteristics. It is company through years of technical research,after market research and long-term accumulation of technology.combined with the most advanced production technology at home and abroad, research and development of lightweight wall panel automation production equipment.

The product has solid, light weight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproof, waterproof, easy to cut, can be slotted freely, no need for batch file, dry work, environmental protection and other wall The comprehensive advantages that materials can't match. In order to achieve energy conservation and improve energy efficiency, the construction industry has moved from backward wet construction to advanced dry construction, thereby realizing the industrialization of residential parts production, modernization of technical equipment, intensification of scale production, and legalization of application and promotion. Integration of construction equipment. At the same time, it can also reduce the occupied area of the wall, improve the utility rate of the house, reduce the structural load, improve the seismic capacity and safety performance of the building, and reduce the overall cost. The products can be widely used in various high-rise and multi-storey building non-load-bearing walls, and can also be used as sound insulation and fire partition walls. The introduction and application of this product production technology is a new breakthrough in the reform of wall materials in China. The calcium silicate board polyphenylene granule composite sandwich wall panel developed by the project has been tested by relevant departments for its strength, sound insulation, flame resistance and radioactivity. The performance indexes such as water resistance are up to or better than the national standards and enterprise standards, and the products have good effects through engineering application.

Calcium silicate board composite lightweight wallboard raw materials: calcium silicate board, fly ash, polystyrene granules, cementitious material: cement

EPS composite lightweight wall panel and solid core panel (without silicate cover)

Main raw materials: cement, fly ash, EPS granules or ceramsite, other lightweight aggregates such as perlite, additives, water.

Wall panel specifications: height 2440-3000mm, width 610mm, thickness 60/75/90/100/120/150/180/200.

Applicable specifications: GB/T23451-2009 JG/T169-2005

Installation Atlas: 10J113-1

Uses: inner partition wall, exterior wall, kitchen partition wall, pipeline well, fire prevention well, fire stair partition, floor board, roof slab, integrated board room, high-grade villa, assembled building supporting wall board.

Main advantages of the production line

Space saving: the mould car is a vertical cavity structure, maximizing the use of three-dimensional space, reducing the land occupation area and increasing the profit margin;

High degree of automation: the entire production line integrates the proportioning, metering, conveying of the raw materials, the pouring of the slurry, the molding, the flow of the mold car, the maintenance of the product, etc., the centralized control of the central control, data visibility, working conditions Visual

Precision grouting: lifting automatic grouting machine, automatic positioning, automatic grouting, programmable control;

High reliability: The whole production line is compact and rigorous. The key parts are all made of internationally renowned brand components. Under the strict monitoring of its advanced self-control center, the production line runs smoothly and the movements are coordinated.

High production efficiency: (taking 10 hosts as an example)

The wall panel can be produced in each single shift: 2.8m×0.6m×42=70.56m²;

The wall panel that can be produced in 10 single-car models is: 70.56m2×10=705.6m²;

The wallboard that can be produced according to the production of 300 days per year is: 705.6 m² × 300 = 210,000 m².



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