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    HSF multifunctional Prestressed concrete panel production line

    The production line consists of a sliding precast prestressed component forming machine, an all-in-one machine, a cutting machine, a hoisting device, a mixing system, a concrete conveying system, curing system, and a tensioning device. The precast components are produced by the forming machine on the supporting platform (The best applicable length is 120m~150m). The forming machine moves on the platform, and the components are produced by material distribution, extrusion and vibration,and flattening. Just like a moving mold, the concrete can be made into the required shape by moving the equipment. The production line is continuous and uninterrupted. When the strength of the component reaches 70% of the design strength, the prestressed steel bar can be placed, and the component can be cut into required length by the cutting machine equipped with a diamond saw blade.

Equipments as below:

The Multifunctional machine 

Three functions are below:

1. Cleaning the platform;

2. Spraying the release agent;

3. Laying prestressed steels.


Equipped with the control panel, and a wireless remote control device is added to facilitate operation.

The walking speed is adjustable from 0-20m/min;

Install a dust suction device to prevent dust pollution;

Multi-function cutting machine


Diamond saw blades with a diameter of 800-1200mm (optional) can be installed with a maximum cutting height of 500mm.

PLC programming automatic control, automatic fixed-size cutting, wireless remote control.

Walking speed 0-20m/min adjustable

Lifting machine

Prefabricated components are required to be lifted and transported in several of these processes in the construction process.

In the prefabricated factory, after the production of the components is completed, the lifting machine would transport the prefabricated components to the stacking area, so that clean the production platform.

When it is necessary to transfer to the construction site, lifting machine need transfer prefabricated components to the transport vehicle.

At the construction site, when installing and assembling, the lifting device is also required to hoist the prefabricated parts.

The hoisting equipment is designed to hoist prefabricated components to ensure production and construction safety.

Clamping and lifting loads can be customized to meet your needs.

Mixing system

Capacity must meet the needs of prefabricated components plants;

The amount of concrete solid material is accurate (sand, gravel, cement);

The water is accurately metered. For semi-dry concrete, considering especially moisture content of sand about ingredients, Humidity sensors should be arranged in the hopper and agitator to detect the actual moisture content of the concrete, and adjust water in real time during production;

The planetary mixing is best mixing mode.

Concrete conveying system

Reinforced conveyor equipment: 

it is the key equipment for continuous production of pre-stressed prefabricated components (such as hollow slabs).

Flying bucket

The hopper sends the concrete from the mixer to the distributing machine, and then the distributing machine transports the concrete to the forming host;

Steel mold table

Conventional 1.35m × 9m, containing embedded parts for the stability of the platform;

Contains heating pipes for heating and curing of components;

The bottom is equipped with a thermal insulation layer to prevent energy loss during the steaming process of the components, saving maintenance costs;

The mold table can be customized according to the component requirements.

Laminating machine

The laminating machine can quickly lay the curing membrane on the concrete components surface to prevent the internal moisture from evaporating rapidly during the heating and maintenance and ensure the rapid increase of the strength of the components.

Prestressed tensioning and releasing equipment

Typical tensioning device for continuous production lines for prestressed prefabricated components (eg hollow slabs)

It can be arranged at both ends of each platform:

At the tension end, tension prestressed steel before the concrete member is constructed.

At the release end,release prestressed  steels when the concrete reaches sufficient strength.



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