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    HWLJ Gypsum panel forming machine production line

    For the production of wall panels with different materials such as GRC,gypsum, magnesite and other suitable materials. The produced components can grant good anti-seismic characteristics. They are insulated against sound and resistant to fire according to most stringent international regulations, light weight with highest strength.The production equipment has been designed with latest available technology and combined with past experience to grant good performance. Simple to operate thanks to the high automation, reducing therefore labor intensity and giving at the same time highest production. The entire production line is managed by a hydraulic power control system and electrical control system which allow for a high degree of automation. The whole process (Mixing, material feeding, product molding, tube movements, mold opening and closing functions) is fully automated. The molding structure thanks to its stiffness grants production of high precision, extreme product flatness and accurate thickness. The system also allows for a steam curing device which allows demolding in shortest time reducing therefore the production cycle and increase total capacity of system. The system is extremely versatile and able to produce a wide variety of products completely fulfilling customer requirements.

A large number of international and domestic advanced technologies are applied in the production line, and the production

speed and the compactness of the products can be adjusted and controlled.

The total suspended particles, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen-hydrogen compounds in the air in the production area can meet the

secondary standard requirements of the environment air quality, and the noise meets the secondary standard of the

Noise Standard>. No waste water, dust prevention, and recycle and re-use waste.

The whole production line is compact and rigorous. The key parts all adopt internationally renowned brand components.

Under the strict monitoring of its advanced self-control center, the production line runs smoothly and the movements are


Low investment on production, low power consumption, easy replacement of low-cost wearing parts, timely and thoughtful

service, equipment investment can be returned within 1 year.

Cement foam board is a kind of cement-based lightweight porous inorganic fireproof insulation board consisting of

the foam made of a foaming agent and mixing with cement then cured. Its combustion performance is Grade A1, which

is the best product currently used in fireproof isolation belt.

Gypsum wallboard is a composite of main raw materials such as natural gypsum and phosphogypsum and various

inorganic materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, fireproof and heat insulation, sound insulation,

sawable and corrodible, low breakage rate, easy installation, fast construction speed, no height limit, low labor intensity

and reduced wet operation etc.

Ceramsite concrete wall board is a kind of high-strength board which is made of cement as cementing material and

adding a certain proportion of ceramsite to increase strength and reduce bulk density and through curing.



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