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    Precast long-line wallboard forming machine production line

    Our company combines the most advanced production technology abroad, and through years of technical research and development, has developed a prestressed long-line superimposed slab production line. The production line is mature in technology, reasonable in design, high in automation, advanced in technology and easy to operate.

Production line equipment introduction:

1.Steel mold table

conventional 2.85*9m/set (size can be customized), multiple mold tables are spliced into a long-line production platform, and the side mold can be placed in the length direction to effectively improve the utilization of the mold table;

Heated pipes can be laid for later stage steaming of laminated slabs;

Insulation plate at the bottom prevents heat loss during component steaming and saves costs.

2.Concrete feeder

1) the equipment consists of walking device, hopper, electronic control system;

2) The system is equipped with anti-collision parking mechanism, overload protection and other devices to ensure stable performance and stable operation. The whole machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

3.Distributor vibration machine

complete concrete pouring and vibration compaction of laminated plate components;

Concrete pouring is done by a distributor machine. The distributor machine is used to accurately distribute for the prefabricated components of the laminated board, including the position of the concrete cloth, the thickness of the concrete distribution, the total amount of the concrete of the single piece, etc;

Vibrating system complete vibration compaction of concrete.

4.Cleaning/Dusting/Oil ojection/Spray ribs machine

regular size 4700*3250*2100mm;

On the surface of the steel platform after demoulding, there is a coagulation residue falling off the component, and the cleaning mechine will finely clean the surface of the mold table;

When the motor cleaning brush cleans the concrete at high speed, the concrete dust is absorbed, filtered, and dusted by the dust collecting device for the generated concrete dust;

The device runs forward through the mold bottom surface, the spraying device starts to spray the release agent automatically, and the high-pressure ultra-fine atomizing nozzle is used to evenly spray release agent oil film on the surface;

When producing prestressed laminated slabs, the tensioning equipment guides the steel from one end  to the other end ,prepare for the next tensioning station.

Greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

5.Tensioning machine

Tension can be customized according to demand (1000-3000kN);

After the steel is laid,tensioning steel is to prepare for pre-stressed components next vibration. At the end of the release, release the tensioned prestressed steel when the concrete reaches sufficient strength.

6.Roughening machine/ Curing machine

Roughing the laminated slabs before steaming, making the surface rough and improving the surface adhesion;

After roughening is completed, the equipment lays a protective film on the laminated slab components to heat the steaming pipe at the bottom of steel mold table.

7.Component transport vehicle

transport finished components between the workshop and the component yard;

horizontal transport of laminated slabs;

Effective loading capacity up to 25t.

8.CNC line drawing machine

CNC line drawing machine is made of steel frame welding, through special stress-relieving aging treatment to ensure the accuracy of the fuselage, professional linear guide rail, servo motor and high-precision nozzle, independent development control software, identification graphics, and Draw a line. Providing precise mounting dimensions for the next station enables quick installation of some special-shaped molds in the production line for increased productivity.

9.Production line temperature control system

station button box

Three-phase five-wire system 380V 50Hz

Central monitoring

The system adopts advanced PLC microcomputer control system, which is controlled by man-machine interface operation. It has simple operation, simple and smooth flow, and the main components are imported brand products, which makes the control system reasonable in configuration, stable in operation, low in energy consumption and excellent in quality.




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