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    Tilting Table

    The multi-functional mold table is composed of material mixing, concrete conveying, distributor, multi-functional mold table and mold. The mold platform is a prefabricated component production model carefully developed by the company's special Italian expert team based on the development trend of the Chinese assembly market. The mold combines vibration, steaming, and flipping functions.

Mold table features:

●The contact surface between the mold table and the component adopts self-developed polishing equipment, which is polished by special process and has a smoothness of 3.2 microns. It can be used for the production of clear water concrete surface.

●Each mold table is equipped with independent hydraulic side stand device. The hydraulic system is equipped with a lifting safety control system to improve the safety of operation. The motor, pump, valve block, control valve and pipeline used in the hydraulic system are all domestically used. Well-known companies can also be selected according to customer requirements.

●A single mold table can produce two laminated slabs less than 4.5 meters wide at a time. It can also produce a variety of large internal and external wall panels, and the component combination size can be flexible.

● Service life: 3000 times

●The mold table has its own vibration device. Each mold table is equipped with 7 imported Italian original pneumatic vibrators. It has the advantages of high frequency and sufficient vibration, reducing the vibration time of components and increasing the compactness of the components.

●The fin heating pipe is installed under the mold table, and the steam heating method is adopted for heating, which can effectively shorten the production cycle and improve the production efficiency.

● Both ends of the mold table can adopt the structure of the embossing port. According to the length of the component, the customer can assemble and connect multiple mold tables and combine them into a production die table of any length for the production of large beam and column. It is conducive to the lifting of components.

● The mold table is easy to adjust and move, and can be adapted to nomadic production.

●In addition, various molds can be produced according to the size of the components produced by the customer.

Our team of Italian experts can tailor the solution according to the specific needs of customers to make the most suitable construction equipment for you!

Product Usage

Suitable for the production of various PC components, such as: various interior wall panels, exterior wall panels, laminated panels, prefabricated beams, prefabricated columns, profiled components, various villa components.

Product parameters

●Specifications 4000mmX9000mm 4000mmX10000mm 3500mmX9000mm (other sizes can be customized)

●The base of the die base is welded by high-quality national standard profiles. The plate steel is Q345, the thickness is 12mm, the bearing capacity of the die table is 800Kg/㎡, and the flatness is ≤1.5mm/3m.

●The side angle of the die table is about 80°

Multifunctional mold table

● Obtained national invention patents

● This model station is matured in Italy and is designed and developed by a team of Italian experts with more than 40 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of prefabricated components.

● Each mold table is equipped with an independent hydraulic side stand. The hydraulic system is equipped with a lifting safety control system to improve operational safety.

● The surface of the mold table is treated by special polishing process, and the finish can reach 3.2μm, ensuring the appearance of each component.

● The mould table has its own vibration device. It is equipped with several original Italian imported pneumatic vibrators. The speed is up to 11000r/min and the ultra-high frequency vibration ensures the compactness of each component.

● There is a finned heating tube under the mold table. The heating is heated by steam to shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency.

● Multiple mold tables can be assembled and connected, combined into a production mold table of any length, and a tensioning pedestal can be added at both ends to pre-stress the components.

● Compared with the existing domestic production line, this mold base production line can save nearly 1200 degrees of energy per day, and the maintenance cost is extremely low.

● This mold base production line can also be used as a “nomadic production line”. The production line is easy to install and debug, and can be transported to the vicinity of the construction site for production, reducing component transportation costs and saving transportation time.




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