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Dezhou Haitian Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 which specialized in the production of complete sets of assembly building components about 23 years. It has mature experience in R&D, manufacturing and service of equipment. The company employs a team of European experts with decades of industry experience to form an international R&D center, set up a concrete prefabricated component equipment research institute in Italy, and establish technical cooperation relations with many universities such as China Academy of Building Research, and Beijing Yan. A number of large prefabricated component groups have established strategic alliances. It has obtained more than 50 national patent technologies, and is the only high-tech enterprise in the industry that undertakes the national key R&D plan of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. It participates in nine national assembly-type building standards and is the first in Asia to have R&D and manufacturing functions. Prefabricated component forming machine technology company. China Concrete and Cement Products Association Prefabricated Concrete Component Branch Vice Chairman Unit, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Province Assembly Building Industry Base, is the most complete product chain in the industry. The company strives to build three core capabilities of R&D, manufacturing and service. It can customize all kinds of assembly-type building component equipment solutions for customers. The products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 80 countries, and are trusted by customers.
  • PC Carousel Production Line

    PC Carousel Production Line

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    The PC production line is used for the production of the panel components such as wall panels and floor slabs thickness less than 450 mm (including sandwich wall panels, interior wall panels, laminated slabs, etc.), as well as more complex or pre-buried wall panels. Production line include:central control system, concrete convey system, feeding system, circulatory system,pretreatment system, curing system,Demoulding system. Equipment included: table, Ground walking wheel, table driving wheel, Inductive collision avoidance device, concrete feeding machine, vibration table, curing kiln, table withdraw machine, pre-curing system, hydr aulic lifting system, transportation car, shuttle bus, grinding machine, Surface texturing machine, vibration smoothing machine, cleaner, oiler Numerical control machine and concrete deilvery systerm,ect. We can tailor-made according to customer demands.
  • HBM large scale battery mold wall panel production line

    HBM large scale battery mold wall panel production line

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    Based on the domestic PC component production status and the most advanced vertical molding production technology in foreign countries, Haitian actively participates in the research and development of key technologies and equipment for the industrial production of prefabricated concrete components. Developed a large vertical die machine that produces components in a high-performance vertical process. The equipment has the advantages of small footprint, three-sided ribs, five-sided formwork, reasonable design, high degree of mechanization, mature technology, simple operation and advanced technology.

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